Sandbanks in Dorset turns out to be the ‘most expensive’ town by the sea in Britain!

With average housing prices somewhere around £665,000, Sandbanks in Dorset has been named the most expensive seaside town in whole Britain.

South-wet of England seems to be popular

Among many people who plan to buy a second house somewhere near the sea, the south-west of England seems the be most popular area as it’s happens to dominate the list of expensive seaside towns in Britain.

According to Halifax’s annual Seaside Town Review the average house prices in the Britain’s seaside towns increased by £440 a month over the past decade and Sandbanks in Dorset has seen some of the biggest growth out of all of them.

Salcombe in Devon turns out to be the second most expensive seaside town with average house prices of £539,950 whereas the third place goes to Padstow in North-Cornwall where the average home is worth £443,396.


Sandbanks in Dorset

On the other side of the spectrum we find Port Bannatyne in Scotland to have the least expensive house prices of any seaside town in Britain with an average price tag of only £77,132.

According to Halifax’s report many of the Scottish seaside towns have seen the biggest (physical) growth but still remain one of the cheapest places to buy a second house.

Check out the top 5 of both the most expensive and least expensive seaside towns in Britain down below:

Most expensive

  1. Sandbanks, South-west, £664,655
  2. Salcombe, South-west, £539,950
  3. Padstow, South-west, £443,396
  4. Aldeburgh, East Anglia, £439,379
  5. Lymington, South-east, £426,112

Least expensive

  1. Port Bannatyne, Scotland, £77,132
  2. Newbiggin by the Sea, North, £81,259
  3. Girvan, Scotland, £91,912
  4. Campbeltown, Scotland, £91,938
  5. Saltcoats, Scotland, £93,479

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