Dorset: History, Culture & Memory

Located in the Southwest of England, Dorset is a charming town filled with wondrous beauty and culture.

Anyone that loves the outdoors is going to adore the town’s amazing coastline. With some of the United Kingdom’s most famous and beautiful beaches, there are expansive spaces for walking and hiking alongside nature, and to enjoy exciting water sports like sailing and wind surfing.


When you visit the Jurassic Coast – and you must visit the Jurassic Coast! – get out the camera. It is has been categorized as one of England’s World Heritage Sites. A wonder of nature, it’s almost 100 miles of coastline with formations going back 185 million years. If you were to take an air tour of the area, there is the opportunity to take pictures of rocks from the Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous periods. Get the right shot and turn your photo into a great piece of art that you can hang on your wall.

Dorset’s beaches provide unbelievable views from any angle. There is no way you’ll be able to resist taking pictures of Durdle Door. There is also a stunning heritage of ancient, medieval castles and forts. Corfe Castle may have been modernized with a tea room and shopping area, but it’s pure 11th Century architecture with standing remnants of the 1645 siege. The Christchurch Castle is in admirable ruins too. Nearby is the Constable’s House that features a classic Norman Chimney. The popular Jetty restaurant is near the Christchurch Harbour Hotel, one of the many great eateries and pubs in Dorset that will suit any tastes.


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